GM Thought of the Week – The best of the best at Gamescom 2018

GM Thought of the Week – The best of the best at Gamescom 2018


Europe’s biggest gaming event, Gamescom 2018 has now drawn to a close. This year saw the largest ever attendance with over 500,000 fans & exhibitors (including the team at Generation) who had the pleasure of attending this momentous event!

With our feet still sore and blaring music from most of the stands still ringing in our ears, here’s some highlights which are widely recognized as the best of what’s to come this year:

Fallout 76 (Bethesda Softworks)

Although there was still no playable demo of the upcoming multiplayer Fallout experience, Gamescom attendees could line up to see a new presentation of the game compiled of trailers, interviews and Vault-Tec instructional cartoons. Despite not having a playable demo, the trailer which launched last week is racking up a plethora of views:

Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red)

Cyberpunk 2077, originally showcased at E3, was no doubt at the top of every gamers list to see at GamesCom. The game tackles a futuristic, sci-fi dystopian setting as they are in Cyberpunk 2077. Those avid fans may be familiar with the boardgame Cyberpunk 2020 or have read the related novels. To wet the appetite of avid fans, publishers CD Projekt Red delivered some new game play footage at GamesCom. From what we saw – the gameplay was simply incredible with stunning graphics. More details here:

Life is Strange 2 (Dontnod Entertainment)

Life is Strange 2 doesn’t follow on directly from the first game, but it’s a similarly sensitive and well-written account of teen life, and it can move suddenly from sedate suburban patter to moments of extreme crisis.  The game follows the story of 16-year-old Sean and his little brother Daniel as they escape from Seattle to Mexico. We won’t say why they’re escaping in case you want to avoid all spoilers, but it looks to be a great game.  Trailer can be found here:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (Ubisoft)

Despite several low-quality side quests, last year’s Origins was a game that was well received by fans, following a year off, when Ubisoft took time to reassess the future of its flagship series. That same format is the basis of Odyssey. Ubisoft very smartly let the media play the game from level 50, opening access to the game’s entirely new range of special abilities. This latest installment will no doubt go down well with fans, particularly with the latest news that there will not be another Assassin’s Creed title in 2019. More details on this and to see the latest trailer:

Ace Combat 7 (Bandai Namco)
The latest installment of Bandai Namco’s aerial combat series is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. It’s been a long time in the making and, judging by the latest trailer, it’s worth the wait! Set in an alternate timeline slightly more advanced than our own, the game offers unparalleled sense of speed and power. Requiring a blend of skill, tactics and teamwork to succeed, the title is sure to keep players hooked, especially when using its VR capabilities. See the latest trailer here:

With these games, as well as many others, all set for release over the coming months, the year will no doubt shape up to rival that of 2017 which saw some of the biggest game releases of all time!

Alex Smith,  Director of Business Development