GM Thought of the Week: Netflix and Sky Partner for Ultimate TV Package


GM Thought of the Week: Netflix and Sky Partner for Ultimate TV Package

Following an announcement earlier in the year, it has now been confirmed that from November premium Sky subscribers will be able to access Netflix through their Sky Q box.  For the past fortnight they’ve been able to pre-register their interest in this combined service.


This new partnership will see Sky original content such as Patrick Melrose and US-made shows such as Game of Thrones sitting side-by-side with Netflix‘s content, including The Crown and Stranger Things, for the first time in a single on demand service. This also means that there will only be one subscription cost, rather than customers having to pay two separate providers.


This is not the first time a TV provider has partnered with an on demand service. Virgin did the same with Netflix in 2013, which led it to becoming one of Virgin’s biggest channels. From November, Sky’s homepage will feature programmes from both platforms and the On Demand search service will divide the results between Sky originals and Netflix. It appears that Sky are looking after their customers by offering a simpler and more straightforward way to watch Netflix, without having to jump in and out of home pages. What the deal will also do is make Sky more appealing to this On Demand loving younger audience.


Andrew McIntosh, the head of TV analysis at Enders Analysis has said of the move, ‘Sky is making sure that younger people in the household are becoming as familiar with Sky as older people’. Though Sky are keen to have a partnership with Netflix, Comcast’s $40 billion takeover deal also creates leverage for the broadcaster to create new content to rival subscription services. While linear TV is by no means dead, traditional broadcasters are acknowledging that streaming services and on demand platforms have started to shift viewing habits, especially amongst millennials. They may, finally, have come to realise that Netflix needs to become a friend rather than an enemy.


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