GM Thought of the Week: KidsCon18: Generation Alpha


GM Thought of the Week: KidsCon18: Generation Alpha

With the 20th November marking Universal Children’s Day, Generation Media celebrated the date by hosting a conference jam packed with the latest in children’s media insights, trends and predictions.


Hosted in the IPA’s headquarters in London Victoria, content across the morning focused on understanding Generation Alpha diving into the past, present and future of Children’s Media including a panel discussion with YouTube influencers and talks from guest speakers regarding when to license a brand.


An interesting discussion arose during the Influencer panel with the YouTube talent asking brands to not forget that influencers are at heart, content creators. This is something that as marketeers and agencies we are of course always aware of but it is easy to forget when in the thick of a campaign. The influencers stressed that their most top performing content comes from having the freedom of innovation away from the constraints of a strict brief.


Further presentations highlighted research behind Giraffe Insights’ Kids and The Screen and Youth Squads. Some thought-provoking statistics were raised within these sections when discussing how children aged 2-9 are viewing video content across both linear and online platforms. For example, despite the wider trade press hailing the ‘demise of TV’, the research detailed how 69% of respondents said that TV adverts are the no.1 way in which they get ideas for new toys and 43% stating YouTube adverts as an influence on their purchasing behaviour too.


Generation Alpha, also known as the Glass Generation due to their fixation with screens, will grow up in a world with AI, virtual and augmented reality.  Whilst live TV viewing as shown still has a prominent place in their viewing ritual we must look to new ways of communicating with them.


The conference itself received great feedback with demand from attendees to make it an annual event so keep your eyes peeled for more information on how to secure your space next year.


If you wish to see any of the content from this year’s KidsCon please do contact us through the website to find out more.


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