GM Thought Of The Week: Kantar ‘Focal Meters’ Added to Barb Panel Homes


GM Thought Of The Week: Kantar ‘Focal Meters’ Added to Barb Panel Homes

There was exciting news this week that the UK’s audience research bureau BARB (the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) has a new way to collect data about the nation’s viewing habits. It has commissioned audience measurement specialist Kantar to roll out its new Focal Meter router meter across all broadband homes on the UK’s television audience measurement panel. This exciting new piece of technology will be installed into all current and some new Barb panel homes from October 2019 and will be completed by the end of 2020. However, the release date for data collected via the new meter is yet to be announced.


This new router, unlike the current BARB people meter, will be linked to a household’s broadband router, allowing for an increase in the number of devices measured. So, for the first time, it will be able to pick up data across all four screen types; TV, tablets, PCs and smartphone.


According to BARB, these new meters will enable them to measure whether post-broadcast viewing is done through a BVOD (broadcast video on demand) service or via playback of a PVR (personal video recorder) recording for the first time. Currently, BARB can only make this distinction in panel homes with Sky.


It will also provide greater insight into the 20% of TV set viewing that’s currently unidentified, which is likely to be SVOD services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.


Changing TV, video and digital viewing habits makes it increasingly important to understand audience profiling by device type and this new system should give a complete view of online video consumption.


Watch this space …


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