GM Thought of the Week: Event Cinema

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GM Thought of the Week: Event Cinema

It  has just been announced in the press, that this year will see the release of Roger Waters’ “Us + Them” film, featuring the 2017-18 Pink Floyd tour, which comprised 156 shows, spanning 3 continents.  This is just one of the many music-led Event Cinema releases that, in combination with other features spanning across 13 genres, is significantly contributing to the overall cinema box-office results.


If we take a closer look at Event Cinema as a model, it’s clear to see why so many brands are leveraging on it to add a further line to their revenue mix, whilst generating reach and engagement. First of all, new technologies have made possible the distribution of an extremely diverse content offering.  Live broadcast by satellite, for instance, gives theatres and event productions the opportunity to reach audiences at their local cinema, creating a longer and more profitable window to monetise short-term initiatives.


Around kids’ brands, Event Cinema is helping further exploitation of episodic content by creating theatrical events around specific brands, such as the PAW Patrol releases. These performed exceptionally well at Box Office and gained invaluable exposure through exhibitors’ channel marketing.  It’s worth noting that the variety of formats, show times and ticket price point are also contributing to making Event Cinema such a versatile platform.


When it comes to the kids and family market for instance, Event Cinema exhibitors can roll out initiatives that are extremely targeted in terms of content, aligned with school holidays and have an accessible price point.  However, it’s the emotional engagement linked to each event that makes this platform a substantial contributor to any marketing and commercial strategy.


At each event, consumers will experience brands and performances in a quality environment with the added bonus of being able to interact with like-minded people.  It’s easy to see why Event Cinema is a clear commercial and communication winner.


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