GM Thought of the Week: Argos Evokes Nostalgia With a Trip Down Memory Lane


GM Thought of the Week: Argos Evokes Nostalgia With a Trip Down Memory Lane

I have distinct memories of picking up the Argos catalogue at Christmas as a child and delving through the toys and games pages with giddy wonderment. It heralded to me the start of the countdown to the magical day and I was of the belief that somewhere Santa was noting down the toys I had eagerly encircled.


The retailer recently revealed its most popular Christmas toys since the stores’ inception in 1973. The list gives a small insight into the changing tastes and trends over the years and maybe even reflects the zeitgeist of the time (Perhaps the impact of the 2008 recession can be seen as the game consoles of ‘06 and ‘07 gave way to a teddy bear…) I’m sure the toys also conjure a sense of nostalgia for readers; however the variation of the type of the most popular toys isn’t as huge as you might expect.


Some of the toys featured were by no means a one hit wonder, with Rubik’s Cube , Barbie & Bratz dolls and Furby still going strong today.  The best selling toy in 1991, the year I was born was the Gameboy. This is something I still own, yes the original one, and spent many hours playing. A games console featured again in 2007, when the Wii, again from Nintendo, was the number one seller. Even a variant of the first name on the list, Shrinky Dinks, can be bought on Amazon.


So what about this year? Well for 2018, Very suggested back in September, that retro style toys will be as popular as ever. Amongst its predictions were Stretch Armstrong (1976 best seller) and a variant of Monopoly – which surprisingly didn’t make the best sellers list originally (although the ‘Who Wants to be A Millionaire’ board game did in 2001?!) Dolls in the form of Baby Annabell and L.O.L Surprise! alongside traditional cuddly toys, are also expected to be amongst the most in demand this Christmas, together with the on-trend unicorn and dinosaur themed toys.


Perhaps then for toy producers, maybe retro is the way to go in future with original classics or variants of them that will stand the test of time!


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