Michaella Williams – Senior Account Manager


Michaella Williams – Senior Account Manager

My position at Generation Media is to ensure the successful development, implementation of strategies and campaign delivery, working as an Account Manager with Directors on the management, planning and buying of our clients’ campaigns. My role is to ensure that as an agency, we are delivering high quality media campaigns by focusing our efforts on ensuring our campaigns have planned delivery, quality day parts airtime and high audience conversion factors. It is my responsibility to ensure all our clients are up to date on the Toys and Games TV market through monthly programming and competitive reports. In addition, as Generation Media’s Radio Champion it is my duty to ensure I remain up to date with the Radio market and educate our clients on this medium, to encourage radio spend.

Before joining Generation Media I successfully completed a degree in Communication and Media at Bournemouth University. I have always had a strong interest in media and my passion for advertising grew whilst at University. Outside of work if you don’t find me in the gym, on the football pitch or watching the latest Netflix craze you’ll likely find me in a restaurant somewhere being a big foodie, putting on all the calories I’ve spent the week burning.



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