Martin Doyle – Director of Digital

Martin Doyle

Martin Doyle – Director of Digital

Since becoming a member of the team at Generation Media I have worked across our whole client portfolio in some capacity. Initially joining as an Account Manager, it became apparent that the Digital space was an area of expansion for the Agency. Thus my role has evolved into that of Director and Head of Digital: subsequently I led the establishment of Generation Media’s Digital team: nGen. Our mission is to work alongside our talented Account Managers in order to provide the most efficient and innovative Digital strategies for our clients, whether they are taking their first steps into this ‘New World’ or consider themselves ‘Digital Natives’. It’s a role that complements my interest in Social Networks, which I see as the biggest phenomenon of this generation.

I enjoy creative writing and envisioning information in an alternative way to the dreaded Excel spreadsheet – something that I try to show to our clients whenever possible. For example, our New World map – charting children’s online voyages, is something that I am very proud to have seen evolve. This desire to communicate with our clients saw the foundation of The Daily Digital which keeps our clients on top of developments; and I have offered opinion and insight to a range of publications and presented my thoughts at a range of conferences both in the UK and abroad such as Engaging Kids & Marketing to Parents (London) and Digital Kids Con (at New York Toy Fair). I also write a monthly column for ToyWorld magazine called ‘Living in a digital world’ that explores the issues that our clients and audience face every day.

Outside of the office, when separated from my many screens I enjoy running, which is an important pre-requisite when chasing a ball around a muddy field in shorts on winter mornings.


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