Strategic Planning & Media Insight


Strategic Planning & Media Insight

A ship without a rudder is directionless and the same goes for media planning without a strategic vision. Unless clear objectives are set at the start of the media planning process alongside agreed and clear KPIs and Return on Investment benchmarks, there is a risk that the required campaign will at best work but with unreadable results or at worst, fail to deliver with the reasons for failure not being understood.

Dean Weller, our Company’s MD was the UK’s first ever strategic planning director when he took on the planning responsibility at Mediacom and now, some years later, he still passionately believes (and has embodied this in our Company’s ethos ) that the strategic media planning discipline is as important if not more so than the creative process of making the ads themselves.

At Generation we always look to grow and safeguard the future of our clients’ business and all planned campaigns are constructed to be part of a long terms marketing continuum, not just for the campaign period itself.


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