‘The Next Generation Media Exchange’ is a confederation of independent media agencies working in close partnership with Generation Media and led by Generation Media’s principles and culture.

Why is it important?

  • To satisfy client demand for centralised management of global or pan-territory media strategy in the Kids, Families and Entertainment space.
  • To bring Generation Media expertise to important markets outside of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
  • To maximise the benefits for our clients from programmatic advances resulting in the ability to buy locally and reach globally.
  • To tap into ‘local’ insight and knowledge blended with our successful operational formula to secure effective trading by being better informed.
  • To react and leverage media relationships with supplier partners that operate pan-regionally (eg. Disney, Sky, Turner, IP).

Which markets do we operate in?

  • All major territories including Europe, North America, Australasia and the Pacific Rim.
  • Outside of these market Generation Media would invite and add additional ‘like-minded’ agencies to the confederation after a vetting procedure.

How do we activate global buys?

  • Collaborative planning and buying approach between Generation Media and our local agency partner.
  • Through UK and Irish based media owner contacts with international offers.
  • Programmatically from the UK office underpinned by local agency knowledge and insight.

What is the benefit to clients?

  • Centralised management of pan-territory strategies through ONE single expert contact point.
  • Ability to leverage media owner deals against total international expenditure with backed up, insightful and benchmarked rationales.
  • Drive potential cost savings through the amortisation of production costs and assets.
  • To manage, measure and recommend content and license partnerships across territories.

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