GM Thought Of The Week: Fortnite’s numbers decline 38% YoY but is this the end for the game?


GM Thought Of The Week: Fortnite’s numbers decline 38% YoY but is this the end for the game?

You would be hard pressed to find somebody who hasn’t heard of Fortnite in the last 18 months. After a groundbreaking 2018 Fortnite is starting to see 38% YoY declines which leave us asking, Is this the end of Fortnite?


Since its release last July Fortnite quickly became the most successful free-to-play game of all time, but with recent reports highlighting heavy YoY declines is Fortnites time finally up?


Superdata highlighted a 38% YoY decline in May for Fortnite in their most recent report, resulting in a loss of over $100 million for Epic Games. The season 9 release in April gave the game a boost, but numbers are still far below the dizzying heights of 2018. Despite the heavy YoY declines Fortnite still stacked up $203 million in May this year making it the highest grossing game on console, and the fifth highest on PC for the month.


It’s reported Epic have made close to $4 billion from Fortnite since its release, so although the $100 million decline won’t be welcome news for Epic the success of the game has been enough for them to completely transform their business and be very comfortable for a number of years to come.


One of the main reasons for Fortnites longevity has been the lack of competition for the game. Apex Legends was a strong contender back in February, amassing more players in the first few weeks than pretty much any game in history, but limited features and slow updates meant its fans were quick to jump ship. We’ve only seen Fortnite’s level of success previously from Pokemon GO, even Niantics recent follow-on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite didn’t manage to capture our hearts despite the widely popular IP attached to it.


It seems likely we’ll continue to see Fortnite expand into new genres. The Creative Mode already has strong similarities with Minecraft and continues to be grown within the platform. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see them dive deeper into PvE content, or different sorts of PvP modes.


On top of the standard gameplay, Fortnite’s world events are still must-sees for the gaming community, so although the game is falling from the heights of its 2018 success it’s still one of the most played games out there. Unless another Global sensation comes along in the near future Fortnite is here to stay.


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